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2016-2017 Reflections Winners

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The 2016-2017 Reflections Arts Program Theme: “What Is Your Story?"

Reflections ContestNational PTA Reflections is America’s oldest and largest arts education program of its kind. The program was developed in 1969 by Colorado’s PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Since then, the Reflections Arts Program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork. Each year, students in Grades Pre-K through 12 are recognized for bringing the theme to life through Film Production, Dance Choreography, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.

3 SCPTA State-Round Judging - NEW!

2017 SCPTA State-Round Judging NEW!Online Digital Uploading Manual

SCPTA Reflections Arts Program Dropbox - Digital Uploading NEW! - Upload Reflections Entries

2017 SCPTA State Reflections Arts Entry Excel Spreadsheet (requires Microsoft Excel) NEW! 

3 2016-17 Reflections Arts Program Resources – Let’s Get Started!

2016-2017 Reflections At-A-Glance
PTA Reflections 101 What Is Your Story (PowerPoint - pptx)

Calendar of Events, Trainings, & Deadlines: SCPTA and National PTA
National PTA Reflections’ Local Leaders Guide-SCPTA Specific

Reflections Toolkit

Reflections Toolkit Checklist

3 National PTA’s Official General and Summary Participation Rules

General Participation Rules (En Español)

Summary of Participation Rules (En Español)

3 National PTA’s Official Category Specific Rules

Special Artist Division (En Español)

Dance Choreography (En Español)

Film Production (En Español)

Literature (En Español)

Music Composition (En Español)

Photography (En Español)

Visual Art (En Español)

3 Participation and Submission Forms

Student Entry Form (En Español)

Consent Form (En Español)

Local PTA Participation Form

3 Registration, Participation, and Reporting Forms NEW!

16-17 Reflections Arts Online Registration & Reporting Instructions (Short Version)
16-17 Step-by-Step Guide to Online Registration Script (Long Version)
16-17 Local PTA Reflections Registration & Participation Form
16-17 District PTA Reflections Registration & Participation Form

 Reflections Arts Program Evaluation & Feedback Tool NEW!

16-17 Reflections Arts Program Evaluation & Feedback Tool Form


3 Judging the Entries

Judging Instruction Sheet

Judging Rubric

Judging Score Card

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16-17 Reflections’ Themed Fillable Poster (Editable Version)

National PTA General Promotional Flyer (En Español)

National PTA Tips for Promoting Reflections

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National PTA Reflections Logo

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