Programming Ideas for your local PTA/PTSA

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Taken from the National PTA website: “The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”


Fundraising is never mentioned in the mission statement for PTA. Money can certainly provide the means to do great things for our schools and children. But the real heart of PTA is connecting with our families, teachers and com-munities through programs

e Programs – what your PTA provides for its members.

e Programs – value in membership dues.

e Programs – learning and growing together to advocate for all children.


The Golden Rule of PTA is that local units should provide THREE programs for every one fundraiser. Chances are your PTA is already providing some pro-grams now, many behind-the-scenes that parents may be unaware of. Do your volunteers provide lunch relief for teachers? Does your PTA offer teach-er grants for classroom supplies? Make sure your members are aware of all that PTA offers AND make sure your calendar is full of opportunities for your families and school community to come together.


South Carolina PTA is committed to helping our local units develop meaning-ful programs that will also meet the standards of Family-School Partnerships:

f Welcoming All Families

f Communicating Effectively

f Supporting Student Success

f Speaking up for Every Child

f Sharing Power

f Collaborating with Community

c Monthly Programming Ideas