PTA Forms

Important Dates

3 Leadership Training Toolkit

Bylaws and Standing Rules Workshop Presentation (See below in Local Unit Bylaws)

9 Reflections Arts Program Presentation

9 Membership Workshop

9 Treasurers Training Packet


3 Local PTA Forms

The following forms are for use within your local unit. You may adapt these forms to meet your unit’s specific needs. While you are not required to provide copies of these forms to the SCPTA, you will want to keep copies of your processed financial and membership forms for your unit’s records.
9 PTA Deposit Form
9 PTA Payment/Reimbursement Voucher
9 PTA Nominating Committee Form
9 PTA Membership Form
9 PTA Donations Receipt Form
9 PTA Volunteer Sign-up Form
9 PTA Volunteer Request Form



5 Local Unit Bylaws

9 SCPTA Bylaws

9 Local Unit Bylaws Form

9 Nomination Information - New

9 Bylaws and Standing Rules Workshop Presentation

9 Bylaws Suggestions and Helpful Hints

9 Bylaws Sample Election Procedures

9 Standing Rules Example - Heathwood

9 Standing Rules Example - Sand Lake

9 Standing Rules Example - Stiles


5 South Carolina PTA Forms

The following forms are required from each unit in South Carolina. They are to be submitted by the turn-in deadlines as noted. Failure by any PTA unit to submit these forms by their respective deadlines could result in a loss of good standing with the SCPTA. Please contact your district president or the SCPTA office for more information.

9 2017-18 Goal Sheet

9 Local Unit Sponsorship Opportunities Form
9 IRS Letter and DOR Certification
9 Membership Roster Template (MS Excel)

9 SCPTA Local Unit Officer Report Form (2017-18) - All Local Unit Officer Report updates & changes are now digital (paper will no longer be accepted).
9 SCPTA Local Unit Membership Report Form
9 SCPTA October 1st Local Unit Checklist
9 SCPTA Financial Review Report Form
9 SCPTA Financial Review Checklist

9 Travel Form (board members only)