Additional Advocacy Information

Using the State Legislature Website

The state legislature website provides a wealth of information and can be used to

5 Read a bill under consideration

5 Find the members of Senate and House Committees

5 Watch the Senate and House in session

5 Find and Contact Your State Representative and Senator

2016 SCPTA Legislative Conference

The 2016 Legislative Advocacy Conference was held on Friday, April 15, 2016 at the College of Charleston.  A lively discussion was held about the future of education in South Carolina with panelists State Senator Sean Bennett, and State Representatives Jerry Govan, Jenny Horne, and Seth Whipper. Topics included 1) teacher recruitment and retention, 2) education funding, and 3) the relationship between economic development and providing a high quality education for all of our children. In addition, we were pleased to award Senator Sean Bennett with the 2016 SCPTA “Outstanding Legislator of the Year” Award for his dedication to improving educational opportunities for all children

Smart Snacks Resources

5 A PTA’s Guide to Smart Snacks in Schools (National PTA)

5 USDA Smart Snacks in School Nutrition Standards

All Foods Sold in Schools


Determine if your snack meets the USDA Smart Snack Guidelines

5 2014 letter from SCPTA to the State Board of Education regarding the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act Smart Snacks in Schools federal legislation 

Federal Every Student Succeeds Act

5 Video summary

5 Overview and Resources (National PTA)